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Every month at Exeter Hub, we are going to celebrate one man and one woman who are doing amazing things in the city.

This month, the business man of the month award goes to Adam Colston. Adam has been running Aesthetics Exeter with his wife, for a year and a half, and in his own words…

We are a small aesthetics business — my wife and myself — and we provide treatments such as dermal fillers (lip, cheek, naso-labial folds, chins, marionettes, etc.) and anti-wrinkle treatments (often termed generically as ‘botox’).

We are based in Exeter, but have clients from all round Devon.

We like to provide a bespoke service which includes a medical assessment and aesthetics facial assessment, where we can look at which treatments may suit your face – a service some people appreciate – but we are equally happy to look at the suitability of any treatment a clients requests specifically.

Faces are very individual, as you know, and occasionally people want to achieve a specific outcome. For example, a rejuvenation of the mid-face area and may request treatment to their smiles lines (or naso-labial folds as they are called) yet their goal maybe better served by re-volumising the cheek area.

We would provide that advice and the client would decide which treatment they wanted to proceed with.

It’s all about goals and expectations, and our job is to help out clients realise theirs in as safe a way as possible.

Visit their website or give them a call for a consultation on 01392 454954.

Take a look at the video below to see them in action…

I recently interviewed Adam to find out more about the business. Hopefully his answers will interest those looking to start a business themselves in Exeter.

How did you get into the business?

I worked as a nurse, and then as a nurse prescriber, in the NHS for many years. But what many people don’t know was that I have always been a bit of an artist – I attended the London Cartoon School, although I don’t think it exists anymore – this was in the 80’s!

I also worked making props and costumes for TV, films and the like, which often involved sculpting.

Aesthetics allows me to use my artistic eye together with my nursing and aesthetics skills to provide the best treatment outcomes for our clients.

I think aestheticians without an artistic eye can struggle.

Sarah Colston, who run Aesthetics Exeter with Adam

What is the most rewarding part of running the business?

The most rewarding part of running the business is client feedback! There is nothing better than giving one of out clients a mirror when the treatment is completed and hearing a ‘wow!’.

What’s the most difficult part of it? 

The most difficult part is hearing stories some clients tell us about unregistered practioners (so not registered healthcare practioners) who perform treatments in dangerous and hazardous ways.

I have heard of people sharing a syringe of filler between two clients as way of keeping costs down. Also their lack of proper training and lack of prescribing ability – you have to be able to prescribe to safely deal with complications -which means clients safety is secondary to earning money.

Any plans to expand in the near future?

We are called Aesthetics Exeter…but we could also be called Aesthetics Torquay or Aesthetics Bristol…we picked the name carefully to allow the brand to grow! So watch this space!

What advice would you give somebody looking to start their own aesthetics business?

I’d advise anyone interested in working in this area to train as registered healthcare professional first!

There is no substitute for education and regulated training/qualifications when providing these types of treatments to ensure your clients are in the best hands.

What is your favourite thing about Exeter?

We moved to Exeter from London, via Australia, looking forward to living in a calmer, cleaner and safer environment in which to bring up our son, with easy access to the beautiful coast and countryside.

We love Exeter–it’s lively, diverse and culturally rich—a fabulous place to live and grow.

Thank you so much to Adam, who took the time to answer our questions!

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